• Fox Renard

You are either Anti Vax or Anti Facts.

Well now i have your attention, seriously guys and girls u need to start believing less of what you see on the news.

I have noticed yet again an influx of anti-vax crowd demonizing in the news and social media, so i thought id give you the chance to see with your own eyes what lying bastards the pro-vax media can be.

Here is an image clip of a recent news story about how dangerous the anti-vax crowd are - aired on MSNBC - showing the first recorded death from measels in 15 yrs

and also where the image was borrowed from -> (The Times of Israel)

So this is where it gets interesting, as a Photoshop veteran from the early days i noticed a repetition in the measles marks and thought this was a fake,

So after a little inspection it seems pretty much an open shut case....

not only using the same mark over and over, it also has quite blatant shading marks around that mark....

But I'm sure , there are many of you still going "oh that's not really a fake its just coincidental , this guys a crazy weirdo, the Government wouldn't lie to us.... would they?"

So i present this... the original un-measled image courtesy of dreams time image gallery

basically MSNBC need to give a retraction of the fake story they have used on national television, In which the aim of said story was to try and say that Anti Vaxers are dangerous and then in the same story used a fake image..... cmon now... well that must mean they are 100% legit and we should believe them more now than ever?

NO... Not even slightly these guys are the masters of pure fake and evil only looking after their own interests...

So if u are Anti-vax and like facts I'm sure there will be lots more interesting stories released from T.nuwT Studios over the next few weeks/months so watch this space

For now though.. you have yourself a good day.

Fox =^.^=


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