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Toots - yes Toots!

Somethings will never change from being a child to adult such as giggling when you poot. Passing gas is a normal bodily function, and while you’re never too old to snicker at a toot, you should never trust them…I’m sorry, potty humour is not my favourite, but it’s definitely a solid number two, enjoy.

Most people sphincter whistle every day, this flatulence is simply an internal build up of gas. This gaseous cocktail more specifically is made up of oxygen, methane, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide that are formed during the process of respiration and digestion, however the true cause of gas depends on personal circumstances. Heinie hiccups can be silent and deadly or window rumbling butt acoustics that are odorless, they really do vary, it is estimated that only1% of butt claps produce a foul smell.

Some are embarrassed by breaking wind, but they shouldn’t be as it is natural and in many cases healthy, as such a healthy person my expel gas around 15-25 times a day. Most often cutting the cheese is a harmless metabolic function, and those who consume plenty of fiber rich foods tend to have increased flatulence. Look a beans for instance which are good for you, but they are known to cause gas due to the type of carbohydrates that ferment in the gut.

There really isn’t a specific number as to how many times a person may let one rip in any given day. Try not to focus too much on how often you blow hot wind, rather why you are laying down butt rumbles more than normal and if there are other symptoms. There are a number of reasons why gas can get trapped in the body such as swallowing air, constipation, and changes in the microflora. When there is an excessive buildup of gas it may mean there is an intolerance or food allergy, there could be a bacterial overgrowth, constipation, fermentation is occurring in the gut, or it may be a symptom of IBS or another condition.

If you have been overly gassy try to keep track of how many times you flatus beep and what you ate as these are important pieces of information. Over 25 butt belches a day is considered to be more than normal, but still not a reason to panic. Rule of thumb is if excessive gas and bloating are affecting quality of life then it is time to get a professional medical opinion.

Many cases some down to being an intolerance, such as to lactose. But there are a number of other things it may be. Do you often eat on the go, chew a lot of gum, finish eating well before others, or have been told to slow down while you eat? In any of these cases when you eat rapidly you tend to swallow more air, which once in the body has to come out one end, so if you don’t burp it up, guess where it will go to escape.

More so than the act itself is those stinky bombs that make it embarrassing, however those rotten farts do not necessarily indicate something is wrong, typically stinky gas is caused by the breakdown of sulfur. Many healthy foods contain sulfur such as beans and broccoli, that being said if that stench is overly incredible and your diet is less than ideal, it may mean there is an underlying condition.

Butt yodelling often does not mean you are unhealthy, the truth is cheek squeaks can mean the gut is being properly fed. Healthy gut microbes are known to promote a wide range of health benefits, and in order for the microbes to get nutrients we must eat gas causing foods. When undigested food is in the large intestine such as fiber the microbes get to work, in turn more gas is created, as well as short chain fatty acid which promote growth of other beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are often recommended to be consumed, however fiber is equally important. In order to maintain optimal health gut microbes need fiber, when they don’t get natural fiber they will begin to eat the layer of mucus lining the gut which can potentially lead to infection.

Playing the butt trumpet while enjoying a healthy diet is normal, but excessive gas may mean there is a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Typically bacteria is found inside the colon, but in these cases bacteria begins to invade the small intestine. When this happens poor nutrient absorption and symptoms associated with IBS can occur, along with increased air biscuits one may experience skin rashes, weight loss, bloating, and fatigue. Seek professional medical advice, you may need to address the current diet and implement remedies such as lemon balm and oregano oil.

Without any noticeable issues your system can change with age, even if you had been enjoying dairy your entire life with no issues this can change. The body may no longer produce enough lactase over the course of time, the same can be true for gluten in certain people. If you think something in the diet is to blame for new or abnormal symptoms, including playing the butt bongos, the best bet is to try an elimination diet. With dairy as an example stop eating it and see how you feel, and continue the process focusing on FODMAP carbs that can be hard to break down. Since every person is unique, what works for one may not work for another, so keep a food journal to identify your personal triggers. Once you understand your cause of discomfort you can make a plan of action specific to your needs.

Listen to your body, there may be a number of reasons why you are bottom blurping more often from hormonal changes to constipation. Unless you butt blast 30+ times a day or are finding that excessive back end blowout to be affecting your quality of life, it is more than likely the body is just doing it’s thing. Just like any symptom the body tries to communicate with you, the more in tune you are with it the easier it is to maintain positive health; and in this case your back draft audio will be doing all the talking.

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