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Sneaky Mobile Phone Manufacturers Trying To Hide Exposure Risk

In modern day society pretty much everyone has a mobile device of some form, the most popular being the cell phone which can been seen almost surgically attached to the hands of most as they stare in a zombie like state at the glowing screen, endlessly scrolling, missing out on the world and people around them.

Just because nearly every one has one that does not mean that mobile phones/devices and the radiation they constantly emit are safe, despite the aggressive efforts their manufacturers and the telecommunications industry trying to claim to the contrary, by trying to minimize as best they can the very real risks involved with constant exposure.

Studies are showing that cognitive problems and brain tumors are among the reported side effects of cell phone usage, the same effects that manufacturers are required to tell consumers about but are most often hidden from view and are hard to find in the small print. If your cell phone came with a printed manual it will be buried deep within that fine print, if it did not come with a printed manual it will likely take some assistance to find where it is hidden in the phone.

Recently CBC News Canada did a feature on radiation risks of cell phone on the Marketplace Feature “The Secret Inside Your Cellphone”. Many of the users were not able to find any safety information without help because it was not easily accessible, once they were shown how to find it, usually well buried inside of the terms of service, they were shocked to learn the hidden truth.

The fine print for the iPhones was shown to warn users to avoid exposure to the radio frequency energy being emitted from the device by using a hands free cord; it also warns that carrying the device closer than 5 millimeters from the body could pose health threats. When asked in the CBC Marketplace news report feature for a comment about the advice inside their phones regarding specific separation distances Apple stated “have no comment to add to your story.

One would think that such information would be required to be printed in large bold letters, or have red flag warnings, even a sticker pointing it out on the box before it’s opened or so that it is noticed when it is opened. But that is not the case, one would be hard pressed to find it, as were the vast majority of cell phone users, which was upwards of 81% where the sampling was taken in Canada, who say they’ve never even seen these safety warning before.

Testing conducted by CBC News as part of the Marketplace Feature Report looked at how most of the popular mobile devices on the market today perform in regards to radiation emission. They learned distances of 5-15mm away from the body for most phones such as the LG5, Samsung Galaxy, and iPhone 7 were relatively safe, but any closer was not.

Originally posted on : World Health Net


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