• Fox Renard

Parallel Realities? Or Mandela effect?

I want this to be very clear: The Mandela Effect has never been about conspiracies.

Many Mandela Effect interpretations have flooded the Internet. People made ridiculous claims about the Mandela Effect, and (deliberately?) misinterpreted for added confusion.

For instance do you remember there being a basket in the fruit of the loom logo?

or, do you ever remember the monopoly guy having a monocle?

and how about "looney toons" or "looney tunes"

Even now, I see this topic – and myself – portrayed like something from a TV trope. (The truth may disappoint you.)

So, I’m sorry to disappoint anyone, but – in my opinion – the Mandela Effect has nothing to do with conspiracies.

Start by Believing You’re Okay

Many (perhaps most) people have a few memories that don’t match what others recall.

You probably do, too.

Research your alternate memories. See if other people remember the same thing. Get to the truth, as best you can.

If you’re certain of your memory, and can’t find any other explanation for it, yes, it could be the Mandela Effect.

If that’s a fun answer for you, or one that gives you peace of mind, that’s great. Many people will agree with you, enthusiastically.

But, if it keeps you awake at night, worrying, you should probably talk with a professional – in real life – about your concerns.

In general, don’t use news headlines or social media to self-diagnose your mental health.

I think the Mandela Effect is fascinating. It raises all kinds of questions about parallel realities and perceptions.

No two people are likely to recall the exact same events in identical ways. That’s normal.

Where this becomes fun is when multiple people – with no chance of knowing one another in real life, and perhaps separated by hundreds or thousands of miles – share similar memories.

That’s why the Mandela Effect continues to intrigue people.

here is an interesting video on the Mandela Effect -

Story edited from original data gathered from mandelaeffect.com

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