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For those who study unidentified sightings or just have an interest in separating science fact from science fiction, MUFON’s reference databases will enable you to catch up with the latest developments regarding a case you may have read about or even seen on a cable TV program. One exciting feature is our database that allows you to track UFOs across the globe in real time. View our Live UFO Map to see where current and pending cases have been reported. You might be surprised to learn that there is a sighting in or around your home town!

For quick access to the latest sightings, our Last 20 UFO Reports does just that: accesses the last 20 UFO reports that have been filed with our organization. Our database of reported UFO sightings is one of the most important aspects of our organization. We invite you to search our UFO Database to pull up and learn more about any sighting reported to us in our MUFON database.

Our mission is to study UFOs to benefit humanity through investigation, research and education. Along with other members of the UFO Research Coalition, our goal is to share our trained personnel and other research resources and to both support and promote the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon.

MUFON is a highly reputable organization whose scientific approach to reports of unexplained occurrences lays the groundwork for researchers, students and journalists investigating these phenomenon. We also invite you to attend an event at a local chapter. We feature speakers on these phenomenon, including eyewitnesses. Should your interest be piqued, why not join us?

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