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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

"I started creating this thinking map when i first learned about Q anon posting on 4chan in mid-November 2017.  It’s content now goes beyond the Q material, but it remains very much in the same vein.  It’s focus is a chronological timeline of our hidden history, highlighting government projects & operations, the occult beliefs held by our world’s controllers,  declassified information, lies we have been sold by the media, and generally things you won’t read about in standard history books, yet can be easily referenced on Wikipedia.  All information should technically be considered “theory”, and I encourage you to research each point on this web yourself, and come to your own conclusion about it’s validity.  The Q-web blends generally accepted facts and plausible theories together, and challenges the viewer to use their own discernment.

After the section of early history near the top of the web, the main timeline is divided down the center into two categories, “Technology / Spirituality” (on the left), and “War / Violence” (on the right).  Many terms relate to the closest adjacent terms without an arrow.    Many connections that could be made are not drawn on the map for the purpose of maintaining legibility of the text.  Some subjects are included because they are significant historically & relate to the overall theme.  There are also several larger sections of data points related to a single topic. (ie, False Flags, MKULTRA).  See the “Key to the Q-web” below to better understand how related subjects are clustered.  The web is designed with primarily names and phrases that can be researched by searching on Google, but some may require additional digging.  Several books and movies are referenced directly.

Everyone has their own piece of the puzzle.  The Q-web is an aggregation of breadcrumbs from many diverse researchers that I have met or contacted.  It is intended to redpill the masses, and can also help truthers gain a more comprehensive understanding of what theories are out there, and get a better grip on names, dates, and timelines.  Use it as a nuclear red-pill to devastate people’s misinformed preconceptions of reality with overwhelming data! The Q-web went viral since it’s initial release on New Years Eve, 2018.  It was reposted onto a blog called “Through the Looking Glass”, where it was published along with numerous other infographics depicting the world power structure. This map has also been the focus of multiple YouTube videos receiving thousands of views, and driving even more traffic to the “Looking Glass” blog.  Comedy Central aired a desperate hit piece on Qanon March 20th that referred to this map as the “Master Conspiracy” on the fringe of the dark web.  The Deep State, and the corporate media are clearly in panic mode. 

This information is being distributed freely in order to hasten what has been coined “The Great Awakening.”  A physical print-out is the recommended way to transfer of this information.  On this website you will find apparel and posters printed with the Q-web to help you spread truth and light.  You are encouraged to share this information the most effective way you deem appropriate.  The survival of our Republic and indeed the human species may depend on it." 

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Originally posted by : Dylan Louis Monroe


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