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Information Is Being Censored About Medical Marijuana

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

“Longevity Now—Very Important You View this Link to Combat Medical Censorship”

The Video you are about to watch is purely informational. No marijuana producer, product associated with, or cannabis related sales organization is being promoted. This is about science and the free  dissemination of information to the general medical community at large and the viewership of WorldHealth.net and its newsletter.

In that the publishers and editors of World Health promote a vast range of views on varied medical, nutritional, research, physical fitness, ground breaking theories, and other, mainly rooted in science, topics to prevent disease, promote healthy living, and extend the human life span well in excess of 100 years, it is necessary WorldHealth.net altruistically spend its own monies to promote its content on more traditional advertising vehicles such as print media, radio, and more and more internet vehicles such as Facebook. Promoting even the science associated with marijuana has now been restricted. Now one of WHN’s strongest vehicles for promoting the message of anti-aging and preventative medicine has been censored at least this one time.

At WHN we do understand Facebook’s position in that there are a lot of good and bad companies alike selling or pushing legal, illegal, and content not appropriate for some of its subscribers. WHN takes particular comfort in the fact Facebook has taken a very responsible stand to particularly curtail the exposure of certain advertisements that have the potential to unduly influence minors. However, this is a video we ask all of our subscribers to at the very least view part of. It is not such an advertisement that should be restricted. It is purely informational with no cannabis sponsorship support.

The Facebook Policy: https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/#prohibited_content

Originally posted on : World Health Net


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