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HUNDREDS Of GIANT Mysterious Tunnels Discovered In Brazil

v-These giant tunnels in South America aren't caves - David Moscato -v

These giant tunnels in South America aren't caves – they’re prehistoric burrows

Go exploring along certain rock faces in South America, and you might come across strange, smooth-walled tunnels cutting through the earth. There are hundreds of them in certain regions of Brazil and Argentina, some so large you could stand up in them. At first, you might suspect these were simple caves, but caves are formed by water dissolving rock. These tunnels are different: up and down the walls, you can see marks that were clearly made by something with enormous claws

According to geologist Heinrich Frank, these unusual tunnels aren't much like normal caves at all. "[The tunnels] are long, have a circular section, are sinuous and, of course, can show claw marks on the roof and the lateral walls." What's more, "you will find them in rocks that can't be dissolved, like altered granitic rocks, sandstones and so on." Frank is a geologist at the Federal University of Rio Grande de Sul, and part of a team of Brazilian scientists who recently published a new study identifying and classifying the incredible features of these massive burrows.

There's only one problem: there are no digging animals anywhere in the world today large enough to have created these tunnels, the largest of which stretches to two metres (6 feet) tall and four metres (13 feet) across. To find the burrowing culprit, we need to look to the giants of the distant past. That's right: these aren't just burrows, they're "palaeoburrows"! - There were plenty of massive mammals living during the Ice Age, more than 10,000 years ago, but most of them – mastodons, saber-toothed cats, the sorta-rhino-like Toxodon – weren't equipped for digging. However, two groups of Ice Age animals were the right size and had claws to match the grooves in the tunnel walls: giant armadillos and giant ground sloths. Read More

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