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Honey bees drop dead following California earthquakes

How could a simple earthquake harm bees in such a way?

Hundreds if not thousands of honey bees dropped dead following the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck California with force last Friday.

Twitter user Khalil Underwood managed to capture and post several videos to the platform which document the suspicious and unusual occurrences.

Underwood says he first saw about “70 bees on the floor” that were “buzzing and dying” which prompted him to take video.

How could a simple earthquake harm bees in such a way?

That is the question some are asking after an astronomer captured images of a secret space plane overflying the ravaged region at the time of the earthquake, as Tyler from the secureteam10 YouTube channel points out in a video published on Tuesday.

In the video, Tyler says the X-37B may have been lurking in the skies above possibly conducting a mission.

“This highly classified space plane was originally built and under the control of NASA back in the early 2000s but suddenly this classified space plane was transferred to the Department of National Security which raised even more eyebrows…,” he explained. “This space plane is doing much more up there.”

Could scalar weapons be to blame for the earthquake?

It’s not far fetched that a machine exists which can cause earthquakes at will. After all, the famous inventor Nikola Tesla was working on an “earthquake-generator” and even a “death-ray,” according to a report out of Forbes titled Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine.

From the report:

Nikola Tesla is today famous for his work on electricity and energy. He developed the alternating current system, making it possible to transmit electricity over large distances, and worked also on wireless communication and energy transfer. He was a brilliant thinker, but also very eccentric.  Maybe the more enigmatic parts of his personality make him such an interesting subject for conspiracists. Tesla is credited to have worked on unknown energy-sources, to be contacted by UFOs, caused the Tunguska explosion by a death-ray, and even worked on an earthquake-generator.

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