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FDA: CBD Shouldn’t Be A Controlled Substance

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The FDA acknowledged that cannabidiols should not be a control subject, but international treaties require it to be treated as one in a memo that was written after the federal agency approved the first drug made with CBDs earlier in the year.

Dr.Brett Giroir, assistant secretary for health in the US Health and Human Services Department states that CBDs have negligible potential for abuse, going on to acknowledge and note in writing that CBDs don’t meet the description of even the least restrictive class for controlled substances on Schedule 5, but international drug treaties require the nation to control cannabis extract.

If treaties were to change, the recommendation would need to be revised promptly. This letter was written to advise the US Drug Enforcement agency about how to classify CBDs. The DEA previously considered cannabis extracts to be on the most restrictive class of drugs, being on Schedule 1.

This letter was made public Friday after the DEA announced the newly FDA approved cannabis drugs with no more that 0.1% THC could be classified as Schedule 5, but was dated May 16; Epidiolex is currently the only definition this applies to, which is manufactured and sold by London based GW Pharmaceuticals. CBDs containing more than 0.1% THC will still remain on Schedule 1 according to the DEA.

The acknowledging comments are appreciated but the same “negligible potential for abuse” that was described applies to basically all of the cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant, which is why they used to be very commonly prescribed by doctors as medicine and found common place within the USA for almost a century from the 1850s to 1940s. The larger point seems to have been missed federal, state, and local lawmaker/bureaucrats should not be able to dictate which cannabinoids are legal or not using the “negligible potential for abuse” comment alone; their only job should be to ensure all businesses are licensed and regulated properly along with making sure all products including cannabis products are safe for public consumption.

This to some seems to be corporate driven tyranny prolonging the federal prohibition that continues to smother most cannabis markets with no good reason whatsoever and slander the word marijuana; being that CBDs don’t meet the description of even the least restrictive class for controlled substances it shouldn’t appear in any domestic laws at all.

International treaty arguments are disingenuous excuses rooted in yet more distraction and misleading actions some even class as fraud. The 1961 United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics language which is the basis of such treaties was influenced by Harry Anslinger who is noted to be the first USA drug Czar and cannabis hating gestapo head. He is said to be one of the first to impose misleading statements and marijuana propaganda over the nation which was supported by little more than his own testimony in the 1930s before a committee of the US Congress that in present days would be dismissed as simply hearsay. The congress to this day still fails to repeal Anslinger’s agenda boosting version that has been referred to since the 1970s as federal Schedule 1 “marihuana” law, even though it can be done with a large body of scientifically proven evidence, which is equal proof that the republic no longer exists, it’s all about greed, control, power, manipulation, and profit. It is said to be completely fraudulent to pretend that an inaccurate treaty can’t be amended to be more coherent, and that a nation can’t immediately do what is in its own best interest. There is no reason for CBDs to be on schedule 1 period, outside of hurting corporate control, greed and profit margins.  

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